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Trolls Holiday in Harmony

Trolls Holiday in Harmony 123Movies

Movie was released on 2021-11-26 and lasts 30 min. Trolls Holiday in Harmony belongs to the following categories: Animation, Music. Directed by Sean Charmatz, Tim Heitz.


Queen Poppy plans the first annual Trolls Kingdom Secret Holiday Gift Swap, but things don’t go quite as expected.

Watch online free full movie Trolls Holiday in Harmony on 123Movies site without registration with subtitles in HD 720p / 1080p / 4k which was released in 2021 & directed by Sean Charmatz, Tim Heitz.

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Duration: 30 min


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What is the length of the movie Trolls Holiday in Harmony?
The movie runs 30 minutes.
What is the genre of this movie?
Trolls Holiday in Harmony was made in the following genres: Animation, Music.
What stars have starred in the movie Trolls Holiday in Harmony?
Can I watch the trailer of the movie on Youtube?
Yes, you can watch it via the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okb_--K7p14.


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I give Trolls Holiday in Harmony a 9/10.