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The Day of the Living Dead

The Day of the Living Dead

Movie was released on 2020-12-18, the IMDB rating is 2,2 (upd: 04-19-2021) The Day of the Living Dead belongs to the following categories: Horror.


For fans who love The Walking Dead, THE DAY OF THE LIVING DEAD is another great zombie origin story. Set in Hollywood 1957, a time of glitz and glamour, a time of brains and blood. This movie is full of action, suspense, gore and graphic violence. George A. Lazarus is an insurance investigator who disappears during a routine claim. His heartsick fiancee, Bethany, retraces George’s steps and discovers that the employees George was investigating also all mysteriously disappeared. Now, as Beverly finds herself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, this simple insurance fraud case may actually be the beginning of the end of the human race.

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Genre: Horror


IMDb: 2.2

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