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Showtrial (BBC One) aired on 2021 and belongs to the following categories: Drama. The IMDB rating is 8 (updated 12-02-2021). BBC One aired 1 seasons and 5 episodes for now.


Every now and then a trial starts which grips the nation, placing victim and accused – as well as their families – at the heart of a media storm. Showtrial focuses on one such case, when Talitha Campbell, the arrogant daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, is arrested following the disappearance of fellow student, Hannah Ellis, the hard-working daughter of a single mother. From Talitha’s arrest to the jury’s final verdict, Showtrial switches between both sides of the legal battle, as defence and prosecution fight for their version of what really happened to Hannah, and the truth about Talitha: falsely accused? Or callous murderer?

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Genre: Drama

TV Status: Returning Series


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TMDb: 8




at 02:35

If there is anyone that knows what the real deal is with this show (Showtrial)?

at 13:58

The characters in Showtrial are just a bunch of people with different personalities.

at 10:43

I really like this show because the Showtrial characters are kind of interesting.

at 10:20

I like Showtrial show because of the comical aspects.