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Just Add Magic

Just Add Magic 123Movies

Just Add Magic (Amazon) aired on 2015 and belongs to the following categories: Family, Kids, Sci-Fi & Fantasy. The IMDB rating is 7,9 (updated 11-24-2021). Amazon aired 3 seasons and 26 episodes for now.


Kelly Quinn and her two BFF’s, Darbie and Hannah, stumble upon her grandmother’s mysterious cookbook in the attic and discover some far from ordinary recipes. When the Shut’em Up Shortcake silences Kelly’s pesky little brother and the Healing Hazelnut Tart heals Darbie’s ankle, the girls discover they have the power of magic. A single-camera live-action pilot based on the popular book.

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Genre: FamilyKidsSci-Fi & Fantasy


TV Status: Planned

Duration: 30 min


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TMDb: 7.9


Starring: Abby Donnelly, Amy Hill, Andrew Burlinson, Aubrey K. Miller, Catia Ojeda, Dee Wallace, Ellen Karsten, Judah Bellamy, Olivia Sanabia,

Just Add Magic