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Hymn of Death

Hymn of Death 123Movies

Hymn of Death (South Korea, SBS) aired on 2018 and belongs to the following categories: Drama. The IMDB rating is 8,4 (updated 01-11-2022). SBS aired 1 seasons and 6 episodes for now.


Based on a true story, the drama tells the tragic love story of Kim Woo Jin, a married stage drama writer, and Yun Shim Duk, Korea’s first professional soprano, who meet while studying at Tokyo University in the 1920s. Yun Shim Duk’s recording of ”Death Song” became the first Korean pop song in 1926.

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Views: 81

Genre: Drama

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 30 min


10 1 376

TMDb: 8.4



Starring: Lee Ji-hoon, Lee Jong-suk, Lee Sang-Yeob, Shin Hye-sun,

Hymn of Death
Hymn of Death
What is the average episode length of the TV show?
The episode runs 30 minutes.
What is the genre of the Hymn of Death?
The genres of this TV show are the following: Drama.
Which tv network is the producer of the TV series?
This TV show is produced by SBS.
What is the user rating of Hymn of Death?
At the moment, the user rating of the TV show is 8.4.
What is the status of the TV show at the moment?
At the moment, Hymn of Death has the status: Ended.
What year did the TV show Hymn of Death start airing?
The first episode of this TV show was released in 2018.



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The actors in Hymn of Death are amazing.

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I give Hymn of Death 5/5.

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If there is anyone that knows what the real deal is with this show (Hymn of Death)?

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I give Hymn of Death 5/5.

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I like the Hymn of Death because it is uplifting and entertaining at the same time.