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Dragnificent! 123Movies

Dragnificent! (TLC) aired on 2020 and belongs to the following categories: Reality. The IMDB rating is 10 (updated 01-16-2022). TLC aired 1 seasons and 1 episodes for now.


At the heart of Dragnificent! are makeovers that tug on the heartstrings, with a team of experts who tackle their challenges by drawing on their individual expertise and overall fabulousness: Alexis Michelle is a makeup artist, specializing in weddings and special events; BeBe is an experienced event planner who can transform any room into a fantasy space; Jujubee, a fashion expert known for her dynamic and iconic looks, draws on her deep knowledge in drag couture and women’s fashion; and Thorgy Thor is a classically trained musician who knows how to get the party started.

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Views: 382

Genre: Reality

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 45 min


10 1 376

TMDb: 10


What is the average episode length of the TV show?
The episode runs 45 minutes.
What is the genre of the Dragnificent!?
The genres of this TV show are the following: Reality.
Which tv network is the producer of the TV series?
This TV show is produced by TLC.
What is the user rating of Dragnificent!?
At the moment, the user rating of the TV show is 10.
What is the status of the TV show at the moment?
At the moment, Dragnificent! has the status: Returning Series.
What year did the TV show Dragnificent! start airing?
The first episode of this TV show was released in 2020.



at 23:22

Dragnificent! is a very well written and directed show, that is both funny and sad at the same time.

at 18:07

I really liked this tv show, I recommend Dragnificent! to everyone to watch.

at 04:14

I think that Dragnificent! is one of the best episodes that i have watched in my life.

at 03:25

Why do you think there are so many people who feel that Dragnificent! is based on reality?

at 21:22

The Dragnificent! story is so simple, but i liked it.