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Dr. Brain

Dr. Brain 123Movies

Dr. Brain (Apple TV+) aired on 2021 and belongs to the following categories: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy. The IMDB rating is 5,7 (updated 12-03-2021). Tv-Show directed by Kim Jee-woon. Apple TV+ aired 1 seasons and 6 episodes for now.


An emotional journey that follows a brain scientist who is obsessive about figuring out new technologies to access the consciousness and memories of the brain. His life goes sideways when his family falls victim to a mysterious accident, and he uses his skills to access memories from his wife’s brain to piece together the mystery of what actually happened to his family and why.

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TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 70 min


10 1 376

TMDb: 5.7


Starring: Lee Jae-won, Lee Sun-kyun, Lee You-young, Park Hee-soon, Seo Ji-hye, Um Tae-goo, Yoo Teo,

Dr. Brain
Dr. Brain
Dr. Brain
Dr. Brain



at 18:28

Even if the Dr. Brain is cheesy, I would recommend it to anyone.

at 07:39

I really like this show because the Dr. Brain characters are kind of interesting.