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Monsieur Verdoux

Monsieur Verdoux 123Movies

Movie was released on 1947-04-11, the IMDB rating is 7,9 (upd: 01-24-2022) and lasts 124 min. Monsieur Verdoux belongs to the following categories: Best Comedy, Comedy, Crime, Drama. Directed by Charlie Chaplin, Rex Bailey, Robert Florey, Wheeler Dryden.


The film is about an unemployed banker, Henri Verdoux, and his sociopathic methods of attaining income. While being both loyal and competent in his work, Verdoux has been laid-off. To make money for his wife and child, he marries wealthy widows and then murders them. His crime spree eventually works against him when two particular widows break his normal routine.

Watch online free full movie Monsieur Verdoux on 123Movies site without registration with subtitles in HD 720p / 1080p / 4k which was released in 1947 & directed by Charlie Chaplin, Rex Bailey, Robert Florey, Wheeler Dryden.

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Duration: 124 min


IMDb: 7.9

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Rotten Tomatoes: 97%

Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux
The director of Monsieur Verdoux, who is he?
The director of this movie is Charles Chaplin.
How high are the ratings of the Monsieur Verdoux?
The Monsieur Verdoux movie has the following ratings: IMDB - 7.9, Rotten Tomatoes - 97%.
What is the length of the movie Monsieur Verdoux?
The movie runs 124 minutes.
When did the movie Monsieur Verdoux release?
This movie was released on wide screens on 23 Oct 1947.
How much did the movie Monsieur Verdoux get at the box office?
The total fees on 26.01.2022 were $64,636.
How many nominations did the movie Monsieur Verdoux win?
Nominated for 1 Oscar. 5 wins & 1 nomination total
How can I watch the movie Monsieur Verdoux on 123Movies in HD for free?
It’s easy. You need to click the Play button on this page, and the playback of the Monsieur Verdoux will start.
What is the genre of this movie?
Monsieur Verdoux was made in the following genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama.
Can I watch the trailer of the movie on Youtube?
Yes, you can watch it via the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUslFpsS_kM.



at 02:43

The characters themselves in Monsieur Verdoux were interesting, for the most part.

at 20:27

Finally I looked at Monsieur Verdoux in HD 1080p quality. Thanks to 123movies for that!

at 21:51

I was amazed at how well the movie Monsieur Verdoux was directed.

at 16:41

I really enjoyed Monsieur Verdoux it and would recommend it to any person who likes to laugh.

at 06:07

it was not so interesting for a long time, I could not tear myself away from watching Monsieur Verdoux.

at 14:33

who can tell you what the movie Monsieur Verdoux is about? I didn`t see a thought

at 10:50

My husband and I loved Monsieur Verdoux!

at 08:00

I agree completely. My wife and I watched, both almost fell asleep. Monsieur Verdoux is boring and boring. Great movie! I liked the casting for Monsieur Verdoux very much. They embody the roles qualitatively.