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Life Of Brian

Life Of Brian 123Movies

Movie was released on 1979-08-17, the IMDB rating is 8,1 (upd: 01-25-2022) and lasts 94 min. Life Of Brian belongs to the following categories: Best Biography, Best Comedy, Comedy. Directed by Terry Jones.


Brian Cohen is an average young Jewish man, but through a series of ridiculous events, he gains a reputation as the Messiah. When he’s not dodging his followers or being scolded by his shrill mother, the hapless Brian has to contend with the pompous Pontius Pilate and acronym-obsessed members of a separatist movement. Rife with Monty Python’s signature absurdity, the tale finds Brian’s life paralleling Biblical lore, albeit with many more laughs.

Watch online free full movie Life Of Brian on 123Movies site without registration with subtitles in HD 720p / 1080p / 4k which was released in 1979 & directed by Terry Jones.

Life Of Brian
The director of Life Of Brian, who is he?
The director of this movie is Terry Jones.
How high are the ratings of the Life Of Brian?
The Life Of Brian movie has the following ratings: IMDB - 8.1, Rotten Tomatoes - 95%, Metacritic - 77/100.
What is the length of the movie Life Of Brian?
The movie runs 94 minutes.
When did the movie Life Of Brian release?
This movie was released on wide screens on 17 Aug 1979.
How much did the movie Life Of Brian get at the box office?
The total fees on 26.01.2022 were $20,206,622.
What is the genre of this movie?
Life Of Brian was made in the following genres: Comedy.
Can I watch the trailer of the movie on Youtube?
Yes, you can watch it via the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKPmGjVFbrY.



at 13:51

I wanted to see Life of Brian for a long time and now I can say for sure that the film is excellent!

at 04:40

I wanted to see Life of Brian for a long time and now I can say for sure that the film is excellent!

at 16:11

The characters themselves in Life of Brian were interesting, for the most part.

at 09:53

The story, plot, and dialogue of Life of Brian were excellent.

at 00:12

A very strong film … very much. Life of Brian is 10 and 10 stars!

at 23:14

I enjoyed the Life of Brian plot a lot.

at 21:02

Where does the Life of Brian movie have such a rating. Too overpriced!

at 11:15

Great expectations were crowned with great disappointment. For the efforts on Life of Brian I put 3 out of 10.

at 02:23

A very cool movie! 9/10

at 12:06

For a person who in general first gets acquainted with this story, it is not very interesting. Life of Brian is not worth the time.