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Profiler Season 3 Episode 13

Profiler Season 3 Episode 13

Someone is killing the young and beautiful in Florida’s trendy South Beach. The killer compounds his grizzly crimes by decapitating his victims and leaving their heads on public display for all to see. Sam profiles that the killer is striking against the beautiful people as a result of his low self-esteem. She further theorizes the man may have once been part of the glamorous elite, but has for some reason fallen from grace. His banishment now fuels his rage. Evidence eventually points to a young shipping magnate who has unwisely squandered his multi-million dollar inheritance on South Beach’s cosmopolitan lifestyle. Instead of blaming himself, he is now striking out at those who helped him spend his fortune. B-Story- Grace attempts to reconcile the strained relationship she has with her mother. Also, the local detective on the case falls for Sam and tries everything he can to land a date.

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Serie: Profiler

Guest Star: Beverly Adams, Brian McNamara, Eric Winter, Maurice Chasse

Episode Title: Heads, You Lose

Air Date: 1999-02-13

Year: 1999

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