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Homicide: Life on the Street Season 6 Episode 1

Homicide: Life on the Street Season 6 Episode 1

Their rotation in robbery is up, Frank and Tim return to the homicide unit. They find that citations are being handed out to the unit and a delighted Gee, whose clearance rate is the highest it has been in five years. Kellerman and Lewis are also scheduled to return. Howard is still on assignment with the fugitive squad. Additions to the unit through rotated assignment include Det. Ballard who actually comes from a Seattle homicide unit, Det. Falsone and Det. Gharty. Falsone and Gharty worked with the unit on the Felton case last spring; however, nothing is mentioned about the status of that case. (Sharp-eyed viewers note that Felton’s name is still in red under Pembleton’s name on the board.) Meanwhile, Gee attends a black tie function honoring Felix Wilson, a respected member of the community. Because he grew up with them, Gee sits at a table with Felix, his wife and their family. Everyone attending the function at the hotel is kept late because the body of a woman is found dead in t

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Serie: Homicide: Life on the Street


Guest Star: Ellen Bethea, James Earl Jones, Jeffrey Wright, Lynne Thigpen

Episode Title: Blood Ties (1)

Air Date: 1997-10-17

Year: 1997

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