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Falcon Crest Season 3 Episode 21

Falcon Crest Season 3 Episode 21

The New Globe publishes news of Julia’s escape, while Julia steals a wallet and buys a wig from a waitress at a roadside coffee shop. Melissa pays a heavy price for trading her son for power. Chase meets with Philip to determine how serious Angela is about trading Joseph for half of Falcon Crest. When Philip produces Angela’s custody contract, Chase is appalled, but is pleased to know that he can pry Joseph out of Angela’s clutches. Melissa begs Angela to call off the deal with Chase, but Angela tells her that it’s too late. As Chase and Cole come to take her child, Melissa is overwhelmed by guilt. Later, Chase gets an anonymous tip that Richard bribed a county geologist to approve construction of the racetrack. At the cartel’s behest, Pamela plants bugs in Richard’s office and home. Terry remorsefully suffers the backlash from her sordid past, but surprisingly, Michael still asks her to stay in Tuscany. Julia uses her disguise to slip past a police checkpoint, then assumes the identit

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Serie: Falcon Crest


Guest Star: Edith Fields, Geoffrey Lewis, Jack Betts, Jane A. Rogers, Jeff Doucette, Michael Cutt, Owen Bush

Episode Title: Little Boy Blue

Air Date: 1984-03-09

Year: 1984

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