Official 123Movies 2022 Site

123Movies unblocked site - here you can watch free latest movies and huge numbers of TV shows online without registration or subscription. All content on 123Movie is available completely free of charge in high quality and with subtitles.

The main advantages of 123 Movies 2022

  1. The online movie and TV show service is completely free and unlimited!
  2. Daily updated database!
  3. All videos are available without registration.
  4. You save money - you don't need a paid subscription to get access to content on 123 Movies.
  5. You save time because all new movies and TV shows are available right after their release.
  6. Huge movie collection - around 40 000 of titles!
  7. Convenient site navigation and a lot of different thematic selections and picks of the best movies.
  8. We've got a submission section on 123Movies unblocked where you can submit a request for a movie we don't have in our database.
  9. Clean interface & simple to use.

Site is compatible with all devices and browsers

The online 123Movies platform is compatible with devices like: smartphones (iOs, Android), any laptops, tablets (iPad or Android), Smart TV and more.

We're constantly testing our site for compatibility with browsers and can say that 123Movies works fine in both new and old versions of browsers without brakes or any problems. You can use Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge or any other browser and you'll get free movies and free TV shows in perfect quality in all of them!

Security of using 123Movies

123Movies site is completely safe for users. We do not use users' data for personal gain. All data is private! Advertising materials posted on our site are also safe. If you don't like ads, we recommend installing any of the many Adblocker on our site, which will make watching online movies even more comfortable.

If you want to hide your visit to our site, then we recommend using any VPN service, of which there are so many now. Usually, this service is an application that you have to install and with which all your traffic will be encrypted and redirected through an anonymous IP address. The only disadvantage of using VPN can be a slight decrease in Internet speed, but it can not be a hindrance to watch movies online on our new 123Movies website.