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123Movies official site 2021 - here you can watch the best movies and TV series online completely free of charge without registration or subscription. All content on the site is available completely free of charge in high quality and with plug-in subtitles.

For some movies, you can select multiple video sources in case one is unavailable.

New movies and series are added every day, which is what makes 123 movies such a popular service among users around the world, because you can watch movies and series completely free of charge.

Every movie, series or episode can be rated. The ratings from the users of our site are used to create a rating, which helps a lot in deciding whether or not it's worth the time to watch it. Many users appreciate this information, so we recommend you join forces around forming a rating and be sure to put a rating after viewing.

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123Movie 2021 Update (October)

123Movies unblocked has had some updates for October 2021. We are actively preparing for the main holiday of the fall, Halloween. So we've compiled a selection of the best Halloween movies, or movies that take place during the holiday.

The quality of all movies has been updated to HD1080p, so you can enjoy Halloween movies to the fullest!

Also in October 2021 we are expecting the following new releases:

  • Halloween Kills
  • Dune
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage
  • No Time To Die (the last Jams Bond movie!)
  • The Last Duel
  • The Addams Family 2
  • Hotel Transylvania: Transformania
  • The Many Saints of Newark
  • Ron's Gone Wrong
  • Last Night in Soho

The main advantages of 123Movies 2021

  1. The online movie and TV show service is completely free!
  2. All videos are available without registration.
  3. You save money - you don't need a paid subscription to get access to content.
  4. You save time because all new movies and TV shows are available right after their release, so you don't need to waste time searching for them online.
  5. Huge movie collection - you will always find something to watch!
  6. Convenient site navigation and a lot of different thematic selections and picks of the best movies.
  7. We've got a submission section where you can submit a request for a movie we don't have in our database.

A huge collection of movies at 123movies

Many movie buffs around the world have a great appreciation for movies that have become classics, because they are a treasure trove of world cinematography. For these devotees, and not just them, 123 free movies has films from as far back as the beginning of this era. All of these movies are available in the highest possible quality HD1080p. Right now there are over 40,000 movies on the site.

We're also not forgetting the new releases for 2021. As soon as new releases appear on the web, they're here to please everyone who loves movies as soon as they're released.

Categories of the best movies on 123Movie

For the convenience of users, we have made and keep them up-to-date with selections of the best movies by year. In such selection you will find the best movies of this or that year. The main criterion for getting a movie into such a selection is its high IMDB or TMDB rating. Usually this value should be higher than 6 points.

You can also find a selection of the best movies by genre. All genres have the best movies - and you'll find them in these selections: best comedies, best action movies, best thrillers or horror movies, and so on.

And now most importantly, we've created combo picks! Check it out! The best movies by genre for a particular year. For example, if you want to find the best comedy of 2020, all you have to do is find the "Best Comedies of 2020" section of the menu and choose a movie you haven't seen yet.

Actor and director sections

It's no secret that many movie lovers know their favorite actors and directors and are eagerly waiting for a new movie with their participation to be released. It is for such people that we have created the appropriate sections of Movies123. Now you do not need to look long and tediously for information about the upcoming release - just find the section Directors or Actors in the menu! This innovation was made at the great request of our regular visitors.

Search functionality on 123 Movies

Sometimes it's very hard to find a particular film or TV show from the menu. In this case, the site has a search functionality that will help you in your search. Simply type the name of the movie (preferably without typos) into the search box and the result will be a list of links to all movies that contain the word you're looking for.

Security of using 123 Movies

Our site is completely safe for users. We do not use users' data for personal gain. All data is private! Advertising materials posted on our site are also safe. If you don't like ads, we recommend installing any of the many Adblocker on our site, which will make watching online movies even more comfortable.

If you want to hide your visit to our site, then we recommend using any VPN service, of which there are so many on the market now. Usually, this service is an application that you have to install and with which all your traffic will be encrypted and redirected through an anonymous IP address. The only disadvantage of using VPN can be a slight decrease in Internet speed, but it can not be a hindrance to watch movies online on our website.